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Inspired by Old Testament, ‘The Song’ a modern story of love, faith


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CNS Review: The Identical is a faith-friendly film

By John Mulderig
Catholic News Service

NEW YORK — Although they may be sociologically fascinating, in the cultural scheme of things, Elvis Presley impersonators are not widely deemed to occupy a particularly exalted position. Continue reading

Book Review: No Pulling Back – Tale of a Fighter Dog

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog has probably sat and wondered from time to time what’s going on in that furry head. Continue reading

When the Game Stands Tall isn’t a bad film

When the Game Stands Tall, a sports drama from Affirm Films and Mandalay Pictures based on the true story of a Catholic California high school football team, is a wholesome flick. The movie was released on August 22. Continue reading

Book Review: “Your College Faith, Own It” contains hidden gems

College can mark the first taste independence for young people, and with that come many challenges and opportunities. Continue reading

Book Review: The Protestant’s Dilemma speaks the truth in love

Speaking the truth can be uncomfortable at times. Continue reading

Review: New book by Father Hater traces history of catechesis

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CNS Review: God’s Not Dead

By John Mulderig
Catholic News Service 

NEW YORK — A classic bit of impertinence from 19th-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche notwithstanding, it seems that “God’s Not Dead” (Freestyle). Continue reading

‘Son of God’ movie ‘a love story,’ say husband-wife producers

By Mark Pattison
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON — The upcoming movie “Son of God” should be seen as “a love story,” according to two of its executive producers, the husband-and-wife team of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Continue reading

Who needs Oscar? Here’s our list of 10 best pictures and family films

By John Mulderig
Catholic News Service

NEW YORK — For much of 2013, Hollywood seemed to be in the doldrums, turning out a good deal of product, but very little of quality.

With the approach of year’s end, and the looming awards season, however, things improved remarkably. So much so, in fact, that by Christmas, there were an unusual number of worthwhile movies to choose from at the multiplex. Continue reading