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CISE Makes July Recruiting Effort, Adds Ninth School

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Sheila McCown and student Aaron Cosby talk during the CISE Campaign Kick-off brunch at St. Boniface School in Cincinnati Monday, May 6, 2019. (CT Photo/E.L. Hubbard)
Sheila McCown and student Aaron Cosby talk during the CISE Campaign Kick-off brunch at St. Boniface School in Cincinnati Monday, May 6, 2019. (CT Photo/E.L. Hubbard)

by Steve Trosley

The 2,400 students attending archdiocesan inner city schools will be making new friends this fall, if plans at the CISE (Catholic Inner-city Schools Education Fund) come to fruition. Elementary school-aged children in Price Hill, Corryville and the west and north ends of the inner city can take advantage of several programs, but only have a July 1-31 window to apply for an Ohio Education Choice voucher, according to Carla Molina, Associate Director of Development and Communications at CISE.

“We have signs on all of our schools and in various places around the inner city soliciting recruitment,” she said.

“The first step is to contact one of our schools and someone there will help you with the paperwork. All a parent or guardian needs is a proof of address and a birth certificate and the school will help with the We also have Spanish-speakers and information available.”

In addition to the vouchers, available to children living in districts where there are under-performing public schools, Molina said, “We also get tuition help through the parish and the Catholic Education Foundation which was funded by the “One Faith, One Hope, One Love” campaign.

CISE schools include St. Joseph, St. Boniface, Corryville Catholic, St. Francis Seraph, St. Francis de Sales, Holy Family, St. Lawrence and Resurrection. Joining that group this upcoming school year will be St. William in Price Hill.

“Seventy-four percent of our students are non-Catholic and 85 percent are minorities,” Molina said. More importantly, 96 percent are living in poverty. But something wonderful seems to happen when they attend a CISE school.

“Ninety-five percent of our students pass the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee, which is above the average of other schools,” Molina said. Additionally, 85 percent of CISE students are accepted at Catholic high schools.

“This is very important because 90 percent of those students graduate into a year-13 program (college, trade school, military service or job market.) If they go to a public high school, only 13 percent advance beyond high school. The rest just drop out,” Molina said.

CISE is growing programs as well. Each school has a full-time nurse on duty and they have begun mental health programs for students and their families. This year, Molina said, there will be “math intervention” so schools can build their attainment scores in that area.

“And we have summer school and pre-school to help the students avoid ‘summer slide,’” she added.

CISE was founded as a Catholic-public partnership in 1980. Its mission focuses on education, life values and building the faith.

Molina said those seeking assistance with applications for vouchers should call the school in which they have an interest and if there is no response, leave a message. “Someone will return the call.”

Check out The Leader in Me CISE video:

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