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Making Catholic Memories – January 2023

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St. Thomas Aquinas
Write Like a Saint  


1 plastic drinking straw
Speedball Calligraphy Ink
Large feather
St. Thomas Aquinas Copy Work Template 


  1. If using a large feather, measure the length of the feather’s shaft then cut the straw about an inch longer (to ensure total length of feather and straw is not too long). 
  1. For all feathers, slide the straw onto the tip of the feather. 
  1. Flatten the end of the straw and cut it at about a 30 degree angle, leaving a sharp point.  
  1. Squeeze the sides of the straw to unflatten and round it out again, and cut a ¼” slit in the center of the tip. 
  1. Dip the pen’s tip into the ink, and lightly brush off excess on the side of the ink container’s opening. 
  1. Use the Copy Work Template to practice writing. 



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