IMAGE: CNS photo/Remo Casilli, Reuters By Cindy Wooden YEREVAN, Armenia (CNS) — A solid, sorrow-tested Christian faith gives believers the strength to overcome even the most horrific adversity, forgive one’s enemies and live in peace, Pope Francis said. Arriving in Armenia June 24, Pope Francis went straight to the twin
Advocates for immigration reform react June 23 outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington after the justices issued a 4-4 split ruling on President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration, leaving in place a lower court ruling that blocked Obama's policies (CNS photo/Andrew Gombert, EPA)

IMAGE: CNS photo/Andrew Gombert, EPA By Carol Zimmermann WASHINGTON (CNS) — With a tie vote June 23, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Obama administration’s plan to temporarily protect more than 4 million unauthorized immigrants from deportation. The court’s 4-4 vote leaves in place a lower court injunction blocking the

IMAGE: CNS/Paul Haring By Cindy Wooden ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT TO ARMENIA (CNS) — Commenting on the peace agreement reached in Colombia, Pope Francis hailed the end of “more than 50 years of war and guerilla warfare and so much bloodshed.” Pope Francis told reporters flying with him to Armenia

IMAGE: CNS photo/Carlo Allegri, Reuters By Carol Zimmermann WASHINGTON (CNS) — As Orlando, Florida, and the nation moves on from the shock of the June 12 nightclub attack, many are finding that there is no set path to find solace. But in the midst of collective mourning over the worst

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