IMAGE: CNS photo/Natalie Hoefer, The Criterion By John Shaughnessy INDIANAPOLIS (CNS) — It wasn’t the story that the 20,000 Catholic youths were expecting to hear from a religious sister. And the audience of young people inside Lucas Oil Stadium on the morning of Nov. 17 became more quiet and riveted

IMAGE: CNS photo/Mike Blake, Reuters By Lou Baldwin PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — What does Thanksgiving really mean to you? Is it just a really big dinner, or is there something more about it that maybe you’ve forgotten? It is unique among American holidays in that it is both civic and religious

IMAGE: CNS photo/Lynn Bo Bo, EPA By Cindy Wooden VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Accepting suggestions by Myanmar’s cardinal, Pope Francis has added two private meetings to the schedule for his visit to the country: one with religious leaders and the other with the commander of the military, who wields great

IMAGE: CNS/Paul Haring By Carol Glatz VATICAN CITY (CNS) — If people really understood that participating at Mass is witnessing Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection, then maybe they would stop taking pictures, talking, making comments and acting as if it were some kind of show, Pope Francis said. “This is

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