Vatican announces commission to streamline marriage process

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Inspired by Old Testament, 'The Song' a modern story of love, faith


CNS Review: The Identical is a faith-friendly film

By John Mulderig
Catholic News Service

NEW YORK — Although they may be sociologically fascinating, in the cultural scheme of things, Elvis Presley impersonators are not widely deemed to occupy a particularly exalted position.

Book Review: No Pulling Back – Tale of a Fighter Dog

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog has probably sat and wondered from time to time what’s going on in that furry head.


  • Dayton Right to Life - Lila Rose, Viva La Vita - September 23, 2014, 5:45 pm -
    Tuesday, September 23, 2014, Dayton Right to Life and the Life Resource Centre are excited to announce Lila Rose as this year's Viva La Vita speaker.  It will be at the Mandalay Banquet Center in Dayton, Ohio.  Times: 5:45-5:45 p.m. a private reception with doors open at 6:30 p.m. and dinner is being served at 7 p.m. and Lila Rose will speak at 8 p.m. For further information please visit our website at or give us a call at 937-461-3625.

    Parkland Theatre - LIVE Fr. Sean Kopczynski, C.P.M. - September 25, 2014, 7:00 pm -
    Thursday, September 25, 2014, 7 p.m., Fr. Sean Kopczynski, C.P.M LIVE - Free Admission!  Fr. Sean will speak for one hour.  Where we are.  How we got here. What we need to do. Part 1.  We are in a revolutionary time of history.  Revolutions have been a part of the world since Lucifer rebelled from God and became the adversary - Satan.  In this talk we will gain a deep knowledge as to how revolutions come about by examining the chiasms that were found throughout the Sacred well as the basic chiastic layout of all creation.  Come and learn what chiasms are and how they help us understand how revolutions work and why we need Christ to come and counter them throughout all time.  RSVP - Email number of seats to  Address Is: 6550 Parkland Ave; Cincinnati, OH 45233

    La Salette Academy - School Reunion - September 27, 2014, 2:00 pm -
    Saturday, September 27, 2014, 2-10 p.m.  Come join us at Longneck's Sports Grill in Wilder, Kentucky (off Route 9) for La Salette Academy's All School Reunion.  Everyone welcomed from all school years - grade school and high school, guys and gals and spouses too!  Don't forget to bring all your LSA memorabilia: yearbooks, sweaters, trophies, uniform, pictures, etc.  For further information contact Laureen Siegrist at 859-757-5556.

    Saturday, September 27, 2014, 6-11 p.m.  The first ever Run for the Call Acts 20:24.  The Run for the Call is an opportunity for you to spiritually adopt one of our seminarians and sign up to join in upcoming Flying Pig Marathon. The Celtic Music Benefit Concert cost is $10, featuring celtic music by Easter Rising and opening act Danny and Japs at the Meyer Center at St. Susanna Catholic Church in Mason; located at 500 Reading Road, behind St. Susanna School.  Includes Piggest Raffle ever raffle ticket and snacks throughout the night.  We will also be giving away an entrance into a Spartan Race. Run for the call promotes a "vocation culture" and raised funds to support seminarians across the Archdiocese.  For more info check out