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Gail Finke

Gail Finke

Rachel Statue Gate of Heaven Cemetery (D Tinsman Photo)
By Gail Finke Saturday is the 5th annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. Sponsored nationally by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Priests for Life, and the Pro-Life Action League, the day was established so that prayer services would be said at the graves of aborted children, and at

Donors from around the country ensure every parish gets groundbreaking book on hidden pain Thanks to donors from around the country, every parish in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati received a copy of a groundbreaking new book on adult children of divorce this month. “Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce

VOCARE, the first project developed by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s new Catechetical Institute, is being launched with four area convocations for catechists this fall (for our coverage, see the September print issue). Replacing the previous system of certification classes for religion teachers, school principals, and anyone teaching catechesis for parishes,

Another Catholic charity doing Hurricane Harvey relief: the Knights of Columbus. Dr. Gerard Nedal, whose Staten Island Knights of Columbus chapter worked for months running a Comfort Grill for Hurricane Sandy relief, posted this information on social media and asks that it be shared freely, because the Texas councils are not able to

This home video by Toby Tripp shows his son, Bradley, making a goal. By Gail Finke   “Oh Cincy is! So wonderful!” One of the cheers popular in “the Bailey,” the famous, raucous cheering section for Cincinnati’s two-year-old professional soccer team, Football Club Cincinnati or FCC, starts with those words.

A toast to new King Steph Abt (center). (CT Photo/Gail Finke)
German Catholics gathered with non-Catholic Germans and Cincinnatians of all kinds for the annual Kolping Society of Cincinnati’s Schutzenfest, billed as the oldest German festival in the nation. A revival of a medieval German “marksman contest,” the festival held at the organization’s Mt. Healthy clubhouse and park culminates in a

A reader sent in these photos for our ongoing Mary Garden photo contest. Although the contest is for home gardens, we wanted to feature the hard work of fourth and fifth-grade Girl Scouts at St. Christopher Parish. After learning about Marian flowers and Marian gardens for their gardening badge, the

The Catholic Telegraph is now accepting entries in our first-ever Mary Garden photo competition. Is your Mary Garden still a mess from winter? Send photos from last year! Are you still in Florida or some other hot clime for the winter? Send a photo of your tropical garden! Did you