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IMAGE: REUTERS By Carol Zimmermann WASHINGTON (CNS) — Royal wedding fever has caught on in many places, but it has a particular soft spot at Immaculate Heart Middle School and High School outside Los Angeles, the school Meghan Markle attended from seventh to 12th grade. The school is located more

IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul Haring By Cindy Wooden VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Financial and economic decisions — everything from where a family chooses to invest its savings to where a multinational corporation declares its tax residence — are ethical decisions that can be virtuous or sinful, a new Vatican document said.

IMAGE: CNS photo/Chaz Muth By Carol Zimmermann WASHINGTON (CNS) — A group of current Washington Trinity University graduates are proud of what they’ve accomplished but also very anxious about the future. These emotions could ring true for almost any graduate, but for this group of 21 graduating Dreamers — among

IMAGE: CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn By Kurt Jensen WASHINGTON (CNS) — The fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation may need its own #MeToo moment, according to a leading trafficking opponent. Good Shepherd Sister Winifred Doherty, who is her religious congregation’s representative to the United Nations, observed that sex trafficking, “a

IMAGE: CNS photo/Mohammed Salem, Reuters By Carol Glatz VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Warning that violence will never bring peace, Pope Francis urged all sides to do all they can to foster dialogue in the Middle East. “I am very worried about the intensifying tensions in the Holy Land and the

IMAGE: CNS photo/John McElroy By Sarah Mac Donald DUBLIN (CNS) — In the last major pro-life rally ahead of Ireland’s May 25 referendum on whether to liberalize the country’s abortion laws, thousands gathered to say “no” to far-reaching proposals that could see abortion on demand up to 12 weeks, and

IMAGE: CNS photo/Reuters By Cindy Wooden ROME (CNS) — After months of study and discussion, the parishes of the Diocese of Rome have recognized “a general and healthy exhaustion” with doing the same things over and over, touching the lives of fewer and fewer people as time goes on, Pope

By Hannah Brockhaus Rome, Italy, May 14, 2018 (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis said Monday he is worried that youth are too enmeshed in a virtual world of cell phones and other technology, separated, in particular, from the real human contact experienced by performing works of mercy. Answering a question about

IMAGE: CNS photo/Dana Rene Bowler, courtesy The Catholic University of America By Maureen Boyle WASHINGTON (CNS) — The American story began with the Catholic missionaries who first shaped the nation with the Gospel and proclaimed the dignity of all, a truth the class of 2018 must share to the betterment

IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul Haring By Junno Arocho Esteves VATICAN CITY (CNS) — A Chilean bishop acknowledged the damage inflicted on survivors of clerical sex abuse and the mishandling of cases by church leaders in the country. “I am not saying that perhaps we have made mistakes. We have made mistakes,”