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Deacon David Webb Family: James Webb: laboratory technician, Cyndi Webb: accountant; Michelle Webb( 30) and Christopher Webbm(28) Parish: Church of Saint Benedict (Broken Arrow, OK, in Diocese of Tulsa) Schooling: K-12: Broken Arrow Public Schools, college seminary University of St. Thomas with degrees achieved double majored in philosophy and Catholic

Deacon Duy Nguyen Family: Father- welder, mother-assembler, I have six siblings Parish: St. Joseph Vietnamese Parish, Tulsa, OK. Schooling: seminary with degrees achieved, Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary What led you to pursue the priesthood? The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the reality of the Holy Sacrifice of

Deacon Scott M. Kopp Family: Father: David Kopp, retired steel worker Mother: Mary Lou Comignaghi, works at county Credit Union Step-Father: Michael Comignaghi, Insurance Company Brother: David Kopp, financial officer, Superior Clay Corp. Sister-in-Law: Molly Kopp, owns design firm Step-brothers and wives: Heath and Brandy Comignaghi Jason and Virginia Comignaghi

Juan A Grajeda Family: Juan Grajeda, Rocio Gutierrez Parish: San Miguel Arcangel, Cocula, Mexico. Diocese of Tulsa Schooling: Seminary of Guadalajara; philosophy and theology. Mount St. Mary’s Seminary of the West; theology. What led you to pursue the priesthood? I wanted to be priest since I was very young. I

Zachary Coulter Parents: Dan and Kimberly Coulter; eight siblings Parish: Immaculate Conception, Ravenna, Ohio, Diocese of Youngstown Education: Master of arts and biblical Studies, Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary What led you to pursue the priesthood? I went to a Catholic university and there I began to pray a lot more.

Anthony Coci Family: Raymond Coci & Cynthia Coci; Michael Coci & Nicholas Coci Parish: Christ the King (Toledo) Schooling: Christ the King; Central Catholic High School (Toledo) Loyola University Chicago and Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary of the West. What led you to pursue the priesthood? God asked me and I

Elias Mwesigye was in for a shock when he found his long-lost benefactors. As a student in Uganda, Mwesigye received a tuition sponsorship from a U.S. couple, “Dave and Joanne,” via a children’s fund. He and the couple exchanged letters through fund managers, so he never had their direct address

April 29, 2017 – On a stormy morning which brought flooding, trees and power lines down throughout the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, four men along with a full crowd at The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Chains gathered for the Ordination of Deacons. The men ordained were Craig Edward Best from

St. Francis de Sales in Lebanon hosted a gathering for young women who are discerning a call to the consecrated life on April 26th. Archbishop Dennis Schnurr was in attendance to meet young women discerning one of the varied Consecrated Life options present in the Archdiocese. Here are some photos