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February 23, 2011 By David Eck DAYTON DEANERY — Three parishes in downtown Dayton — Emmanuel, Holy Trinity and St. Joseph — will share a pastor beginning in July under the pastoral region seven plan. The news was recently announced in a letter from Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr and

February 4, 2011 By David Eck DAYTON DEANERY — At a workshop several years ago, a nun commented to Father Bryan Massingale that because he was articulate and intelligent, a religious order must have educated him. Father Massingale, who is African American, explained that his parents educated him and asked

Thursday, February 25, 2011   New Visitor from West Africa

January 28, 2011 Dear friends of Catholic education, Last fall New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan published an article in the journal America titled “The Catholic Schools We Need.” In this article, he acknowledged the many challenges facing Catholic schools in today’s world. He described the incalculable value of our

February 1, 2011   ST. FRANCIS DE SALES DEANERY — McNicholas High School freshman Kristen Rehl has always thought of her grandmother, Patricia Murphy, as a living saint.  So when English teacher Meloney Feldkamp and student teacher Ashley Markesbery told her class about a writing contest where students had to

January 31, 2011 By Mike Dyer   ST. LAWRENCE DEANERY — The opportunity to perform in front of a national theater audience and Broadway professionals had 18 students from our Lady of Victory School filled with anticipation as they traveled to Atlanta the weekend of Jan. 14-16.

February 3, 2011 By Eileen Connelly   ARCHDIOCESE — Community service is expected of students at Catholic high schools, be it volunteering at a local social service agency or participating on a mission trip. High school faculty members are also putting their faith into action, modeling the Gospel call to

February 1, 2001 By Eilleen Connelly, OSU   ARCHDIOCESE — The archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office recently launched new marketing strategies geared toward facilitating communication and building community among teachers, parents and students at schools in Cincinnati, Dayton and the northern Miami Valley.

January 29, 2011 By Mary Caffrey Knapke   ST. MARYS DEANERY — Bags of small plastic beads in hues from white to blue to black, are piled on a table with strands of cord. It could be a scene from any crafter’s kitchen. But when these beads are strung, cords

ARCHDIOCESE Prayer for Vocation Awareness Week Vocation Awareness Week concludes on Saturday, Jan. 15. In a letter to pastors, Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr noted that the week’s theme focuses on “the disciples’ request of Jesus to ‘Teach us how to pray.’ In that vein, I would like to introduce a