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Loving daughter shares experiences as caregiver By Eileen Connelly, OSU “I’m a nurse, not a writer,” said Amy Neuzil. Yet Neuzil has used her medical background and personal experience to pen a candid and compassionate book, “Becoming an Alzheimer’s Caregiver: What I Learned from Caring for My Mom” (Prospect Press,

For centuries St. Francis of Assisi has pointed others to Christ. His writings, associated legends and popular sayings have inspired priests, laity and even the present Holy Father. Popular culture knows the founder of the Franciscan orders for his commitment to poverty and love of animals, but these alone do

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog has probably sat and wondered from time to time what’s going on in that furry head.

College can mark the first taste independence for young people, and with that come many challenges and opportunities.

  Many men shun self-help books. In the same way that we don’t like to stop and ask for directions, all the more we don’t like to admit when we need help in a spiritual sense. That notion delayed my reading and reviewing of David N. Calvillo’s Real Men Pray

The newest book by prolific Catholic author Mike Aquilina includes the a story of a pope known for having mistresses and fathering children. The same pope, he writes, may have poisoned cardinals at his leisure and ruled Rome with an iron first. His point? The One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic