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40 Days for Life – Cincinnati’s Spring Prayer Campaign will end on Palm Sunday with prayers of thanksgiving and a special ecumenical Way of the Cross.  It will begin at the parking lot of Holy Name Church parking lot and process to Planned Parenthood, praying an ecumenical set of prayers and readings

Deacon Peter Auriemma, MD, from the Diocese of Phoenix will present a talk on Christ’s physical death on the cross, part of a weekend of events at St. James of the Valley and several other parishes. A professional urologist, Dr./Deacon Auriemma will speak about crucifixion and other physical aspects of

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 By Scott Mussari Certain things in our world are so prevalent and so present to us that oftentimes our eyes simply overlook them. These objects blend into the background; we’re desensitized to their impact. The beauty of a blue sky, the look on the face of