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NEW YORK — A story with a Christian message is a rare and compelling gem for Catholic viewers in today’s Hollywood culture. At the same time, a film that leads first with a positive message, and merely tacks the story on as an afterthought, is one set to leave even

NEW YORK  — The first story sounds as old as the Book of Exodus: A mother and father, fearing his annihilation by a sinister force, place their newborn son in a vessel they hope will transport him to safety. Adopted by a completely different family, he grows up to deliver

May 31, 2012 By Natalie Corzine Moore Photographer Robert Flischel wants local Catholics to join him on a “Pilgrimage of Light.”  

As a priest, Father Michael Hay is concerned with eternal mysteries. But as a fiction writer, he trained his sights on a mystery of a more mundane kind — an old-fashioned murder puzzle, British style.