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Family makes ‘amazing’ journey of faith together

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By Eileen Connelly, OSU

Kim and Duane Titus were each raised to believe in God, but that was the extent of their faith life. The high school sweethearts, who both grew up in Blanchester, wanted more for their children — Madison, 13, Braedon, 11, and Carson, 6.


The Titus family has made the journey of faith together. Pictured from left are Braedon, Duane, Kim and Madison Titus, with Carson in front. (Courtesy photo)

“We want them to grow up having a relationship with God,” Kim Titus explained.
It was that desire that led them to the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) at St. Columban Parish in Loveland. Yet, the journey of faith has also become their own.


The couple was married in a Baptist church, and according to Kim Titus, “We bopped around and tried different churches, but never found a place where we felt at home.”
As their children grew older and began asking questions about God, the Tituses recognized the need find a faith community where the whole family could feel at home.


They got to know a number of Catholic families through Children’s Meeting House Montessori School, where many children go before moving on to St. Columban. As they learned about the Catholic faith from their friends, the Tituses considered converting, but, at the time, felt their lives were too hectic to fully devote their time to the process.


At the urging of a friend and St. Columban parishioner, Brenda Groeshen, the family began attending Mass at the parish, and, said Kim Titus, “we instantly felt welcomed there. Everyone was so friendly. Father Larry (Tensi), our pastor, is so full of faith and has a wonderful sense of humor.”


That faith and sense of community was just what the Titus family needed to take the next step. Between work — Duane Titus is a self-employed chiropractor and his wife handles the billing — school and the children’s’ activities, their lives are still hectic, but this time they were prepared to make their journey of faith a priority.


Kim and Duane Titus have been preparing to join the church with other adults at St. Columban, while Madison and Braedon are participating in the children’s’ group. Their younger brother, a first grader at St. Columban, is learning about the Catholic faith along with his classmates. The family will be baptized together at Easter Vigil.


Both Kim and Duane Titus admit to feeling rather apprehensive as the RCIA process began, and say the children felt the same way, but all say it has been experience through which they have learned and grown.”


“I feel much closer to God now and pray in a different way. I talk to God more often and it’s more personal,” Kim Titus said. “It’s been so educational for me, too. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of learning and growing in my faith.


“I feel like God just shines through in my daily life now,” added Duane Titus. “Every week at Mass when I listen to the message of the readings, I think of how I can take those lessons and apply them to my daily life.”


Madison Titus, who will be a freshman at Mount Notre Dame High School in the fall, said she has been most inspired by the lessons on Scripture, the message of God’s mercy and forgiveness and the church’s emphasis on doing good for others. And, Braedon Titus has appreciated the various activities that have helped learn about the Catholic faith and the opportunity to ask questions. “That really helped,” he said.


As Easter Vigil nears, the entire Titus family is excited. “This is what we’ve all been working toward,” Kim Titus said. “It’s the start of a whole new, lifelong journey of faith for all of us.”
Said Scott Mussari, director of faith formation at St. Columban, of the Titus family. “It has been inspiring to me to witness how deep the faith of Kim, Duane and their entire family has grown over these past months. The Lord has clearly become a greater part of their daily lives, and I am so humbled and blessed to be a part of this wonderful journey with them.”

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