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Holy Thursday Morning at St. Boniface Cincinnati (Greg Hartman/CT Photo)
by Emma Cassani and Gail Finke Four Chaplains Mass Held every February for more than 40 years, the Four Chaplains Mass at St. Boniface honors the chaplains (a priest, a rabbi, and two ministers) who died together on the SS Dorchester in 1943. The service includes color bearers from the

1910 Parish established. 1910 Original church building constructed. (It was demolished in the summer of 2021). 1914 School opened for grades 1-4; followed by grades, 5-6 the following year and grades 7-8 in 1918. 1930 Church building completed. 1954 Mural in apse painted. 1955 Wooden baldacchino installed over altar. Sisters

St. Antoninus in Green Township has a relic chapel also used for Eucharistic Adoration. About 100 relics are displayed on shelves, as well as a painting of the infant Christ and the Virgin Mary. Included among the relics is an amice that was once part of the vestments on the

Written by Gail Finke, Illustrated by Emma Cassani • 24 decorative knotwork squares between the flat beamed ceiling • 3 rose windows installed, with all the windows crafted between 1936 and 1941 • 12 stained glass clerestory windows in the apse featuring angels based on the paintings of Fra Angelico

Written by Gail Finke Illustrated by Emma Cassani The Church of the Resurrection was formed in 2010 from four Cincinnati parishes, originally established by immigrants? Parishioners chose the name to indicate that the four parishes were not closed, but reborn. Keep the Dream Alive Annual award ceremony that originated at

Written by Gail Finke illustrated by Emma Cassani “We have a beautiful modern church that was painted about a year ago. I wish every priest would come see what can be done with a modern church. Every square inch is painted. I wouldn’t call the style ‘historic,’ I’d call it

145 feet to the tip of the spire 1 vaulted, hand-stenciled wood ceiling 42 all-volunteer choir members 4 CDs of choir music available 10 clerestory windows originally plain glass. Patterned glass made in America added in the 1960s. 2 major stained-glass windows made in Germany More than 12 smaller windows

Written by Gail Finke Illustrated by Emma Cassani Our Lord Christ the King Church, founded in 1926 in Cincinnati’s Mt. Lookout neighborhood, was the first parish named for Our Lord under the title “King.” Its school, Cardinal Pacelli, was named for a visitor who later became a pope. The interior

St. Benedict the Moor Church in Dayton is the most recent church in the United States named for the 16th Century Italian friar whose parents were African slaves. 1703: Congregation of the Holy Spirit (the Spiritans) founded to minister to the poor. 1794: First Spiritans came to the U.S. They