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Recess is a highlight for students in elementary school. During this downtime they can enjoy fresh air, socialize with friends and exercise their imaginations. Teachers monitor this escape from classwork, of course, but in schools like St. Patrick in Troy, adult volunteers join the students. At St. Patrick School, however,

When you walk into Corryville Catholic School, you’ll feel a presence in the air. It radiates from the students, faculty and staff as they talk about their community and showcase their love for the Lord. A new staff member at Corryville Catholic has helped intensify this exuberant feeling: John Ambrose

Most 13-year-olds stay busy with schoolwork, after school activities and social life. Ella Buckley, who attends St. James School in White Oak, is doing all of those successfully and has another achievement she can add to her growing list of accomplishments: becoming a published author. Buckley said she’s loved writing

Music is a language like no other. Whether you speak English, Spanish, or another of the thousands of languages, music is a language that can speak to everyone. As Greg Pierson, a parishioner and Minister of Music at Mother of Christ Church in Winton Hills said, “It’s the language that

Ask most moms and they will tell you that any extra set of hands or help with their children is appreciated. For mothers who are doing everything on their own though, that extra help goes much further. That’s where the Walking with Moms in Need program can be a welcomed

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Looking at a picture of photographer and entrepreneur Bobby Kenney III, though, would only give you a glimpse of the faith journey he has been on in his life so far. Growing up in West Chester, Kenney admitted his connection to Christ wasn’t strong

When you strike up a conversation with Mary Beth Koenig, you’ll hear frequently about “God’s awesomeness.” Not only is that one of her favorite phrases, but in her actions and her words, she radiates how good God is. Mary Beth and her husband met at the University of Cincinnati and

“It’s much more than old-fashioned computers.” Principal Carolyn Murphy with St. Michael the Archangel School described perfectly how technology has evolved across schools in the archdiocese over the past several years. What may have been a computer lab or media space in schools 10, five or even two years ago

For more than half a century, the only Catholic high school in Butler County has made a name for itself with its students, faith life, focus on technology and “Ramily.” What is “Ramily?” Brian Pendergest, Badin High School Principal, and Dirk Q. Allen, Director of Admissions and Media Relations, explain

Several verses in the Bible allude to whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. For Father Sean Wilson, his dedication to prayer and faith led to his priestly ordination five years ago. Father Wilson noted that becoming a priest started as an idea, slowly becoming