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CNA Newsroom · Ep. 91: Mardi Gras (and all that jazz) by Kate Olivera Denver Newsroom, Feb 14, 2021 / 02:00 am MT (CNA).- Mardi Gras in New Orleans has been canceled only a handful of times, including during World War I and II, and the Spanish flu pandemic in

Pancake supper at Newport Lounge (in Hailstones Hall) and prayer service at Bellarmine Chapel. Supper includes activities for adults and children. Following an ancient Catholic tradition, the “alleluia” will be buried outdoors at the prayer service and the palms from last spring will be burned for Ash Wednesday ashes. Space

An early Mardi Gras celebration with appetizers from Reef Top restaurant, tastings from Meranda Nixon Winery and Cavalier Beer Distributors, more. Call (513) 753-2548 or register online.