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The Catholic Shop has been a part of downtown Madeira for 20 years. The store, which is owned and operated by Dan and Jenn Giroux(cq) offers a wide variety of religious articles, including books, music and gifts to the Catholic community. (CT Photo/Greg Hartman)
Most visitors to The Catholic Shop in Madeira come with a defined purpose. There are the fallen away Catholics who want to explore how to return to the Church; the non-Catholics searching for something more in their lives and looking to learn about Catholicism; and those with a serious illness

Monday, November 16, 2009 By Mike Dyer ARCHDIOCESE — Bill Kiefer believes his bookstore has been a vocational calling in life. Kiefer, who is almost 85, has been the owner of St. Mark Bookshop in the Dayton area for 42 years. The bookstore has downtown Dayton and Centerville locations, and