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By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis planned two gatherings of the Synod of Bishops to focus on the family and urged participants to use the year between the assemblies as a time for “true spiritual discernment” with both study and prayer. In the months leading

There are only two undefeated teams left within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Bishop Fenwick at 5-0 and they take on McNicholas; and LaSalle is 5-0 as the Lancers travel to Lockland to face the Moeller Crusaders who are 2-3. Here are the standings through week five with week six opponents

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ meeting with Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses, does not equate support for her “position,” the Vatican spokesman said after discussing the issue personally with the pope. Jesuit Father

By John Stegeman The Catholic Telegraph Just after 4 a.m. on a hot summer morning, Jacob Willig found himself walking the poor streets of Calcutta, India. Walking cautiously amid the smell of burning trash and past people who lived on the streets (his hostel didn’t open until 9:30 a.m.) —

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY — Content and comfortable Christians tend to be joyless Christians because they stop remembering the goodness of God and yearning to be closer to him, Pope Francis said. “I ask myself, and it would be good for all of us to ask

By Pam Long Regional Social Action Director About the closest I came to seeing Pope Francis was on the jumbotron on the West Lawn of the Capitol, but what I really got to see was the face of the Catholic Church in the United States. Around me were Latinas, African

Staff Report Our Throwback Thursday posts often stretch back more than 100 years, but today we’re looking back to last week — the week Pope Francis visited the United States. Many stories still need to be written much reflection done to understand the real importance of Pope Francis’ journey, but

Editor’s Note: October is World Mission Month. The following letter from The Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr originally appeared in the mission section of the October 2015 print edition of The Catholic Telegraph. Dear Missionary Disciples, First, let me express my gratitude to all the members of Archdiocese of Cincinnati

By Catholic News Service In 1967, Aretha Franklin released her hit, “Respect.” Maybe the song isn’t an anthem for Respect Life month, but when she sang for Pope Francis at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia Sept. 26, that 1967 song was on people’s minds, if not on her lips.

By Carol Glatz Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY  — The family is the answer to the two extremes facing the world — fragmentation and “homogenization,” in which everything is forced to be the same, Pope Francis said. The family based on marriage between a man and a woman is the