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Chasity. Few church teachings seem as antiquated to my fellow millennials as chastity. The church’s teaching on sexuality are beautiful, true and good. But Descartes, the Enlightenment, Nietzsche and the entire twentieth century ensured the church’s teaching on sexuality would be an afterthought to most millennials. And it worked. So,

Dallas. Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights. Click any of the above hyperlinks and Wikipedia will fill you in on the violence our nation experienced last week. This isn’t what I wanted to write about. I had much lighter fare in mind, but on the night of the Dallas shootings I found

Catholics Come Home has announced its upcoming campaign to invite Millennial Catholics home to the Church, through new television commercials and an interactive website, called The new website and ads are making their debut in the Dayton, Ohio market, though they will be used around the country. The ads and website are