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Stuff Luke Carey found for April: Chastity

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Chasity. Few church teachings seem as antiquated to my fellow millennials as chastity. The church’s teaching on sexuality are beautiful, true and good. But Descartes, the Enlightenment, Nietzsche and the entire twentieth century ensured the church’s teaching on sexuality would be an afterthought to most millennials. And it worked.

So, what do you do when you’re a millennial trying to live out the church’s teachings on sexuality? Where do you turn when societal norms beats you into near submission? How long can one endure as a stranger in their own land?

Arleen Spenceley, a millennial writer and speaker, wrestled with this issue. And she pushed back. Five years ago, while working for the Tampa Bay Times, Arleen wrote an editorial titled, ‘Why I’m Still a Virgin at 26.’ Her article discusses the trails and reasoning behind choosing chastity. Her article was a smashing success. ‘Why I’m Still a Virgin at 26’ generated thousands of views and a variety of responses.

Arleen’s article was so successful that she wrote a book called Chasity Is for Lovers: Single, Happy and (Still) a Virgin. She also started a blog that explores the challenges and joy of living in chastity in a sex-crazed culture. If you feel as if you are alone in this struggle, if you feel as if you are the only one that cares, if you feel the pressure of your peers or significant other to be unchaste, I implore you to check out her blog. You are not alone. You can do this. It is possible. It is worth it. You are worth it. Arleen’s blog can be found at www.arleenspenceley.com.

If you have a loved one that is not practicing chastity, I encourage you to (prudently) recommend Arleen’s blog or book. I guarantee you that that their lack of chastity is causing wounds, feeling of alienation and quiet isolation. Arleen’s writing style comes across and relatable and genuine. She looks, acts and talks like every other millennial because she is one. Her blog bleeds with honesty, transparency and earnestness. It is a great read, even if you don’t agree with her. You can sense that Arleen is striving for something much bigger than herself. I think we could all agree that’s something we need a little more of these days.

Twitter Follow of the Month: I promise I’m not being lazy with, but if this article has interested, you, first, go read Arleen’s blog. Second follow her on Twitter at @arleenspeneceley. She interacts with everyone that follows her and always outs out great ideas and content.

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