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A Little Bit of Italy Celebrates 100 Years in a Big Way

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by Danise DiStasi, Cincinnati, OH – September 8, 2021

August 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of San Antonio Church. Since its inception, San Antonio has had a rich legacy of serving the Italian community through faith, outreach, and prayer.

On the first Sunday of each month leading up to the anniversary celebration, they will highlight each decade over the last 100 years with Mass followed by a reception in the lower hall. Volunteers take special care to decorate the hall with historical facts and benchmarks. Pictures and articles line the walls celebrating different founding families and clergy who led the way during each decade and helped the church build its legacy.

The second decade, 1932-1941, was celebrated on September 5, 2021. The families honored for their service during this decade were the Minella, Augustine, and Ventre families.

Each family was represented by young and old and gathered in the church to have pictures taken. The three families viewed their ancestry trees while hearty laughs were shared as each one remembered family members and friends. Long-time members shared stories about the various connections of each family with their hometown of Felitto, Italy.

A highlight of the event was the launch of the anniversary logo featuring a fabulous painting by Impressionist painter Patrick Romelli, who was in attendance as well. Patrick’s family has been active members of San Antonio all their lives. He partnered with LuAnn Roberto, creative director, strategist, designer, and business owner of 411 Graphics, to design the new logo used for the anniversary communications. The 8 x 10 art prints will be available for purchase at future events.

Everyone is welcome to join the celebrations over the next year. Mark your calendar for the next event on October 3, 2021, covering the decade from 1942-1951 and honors the Cerullo, Stevens, Delseno, and Serraino families. Please join us and celebrate Mass at 9:00 AM and a reception immediately following. Come and enjoy a rich history of Italian heritage.

For more details about San Antonio Church, please check our site at www.sanantoniocincinnati.org or on Facebook at @SanAntonioItalianChapelCincinnati.

San Antonio Church is located at Queen City and White Streets in South Fairmount.

For more information and details, contact LuAnn Roberto at [email protected] or Lisa Romelli Gillman@ [email protected].



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