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Another way to help Texas hurricane relief: the Knights of Columbus

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NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen, using data from the Land Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE).

Another Catholic charity doing Hurricane Harvey relief: the Knights of Columbus. Dr. Gerard Nedal, whose Staten Island Knights of Columbus chapter worked for months running a Comfort Grill for Hurricane Sandy relief, posted this information on social media and asks that it be shared freely, because the Texas councils are not able to get the word out themselves. The Knights will be helping first responders and residents for many months, through meal stations and other charitable work.

“I’ve been in touch this morning with K of C Galveston-Houston Diocesan Deputy Bill Moeller,” Nadal said. “He sent this response:

“We do have several councils already cooking at shelters or parish halls. Our DD (District Deputy) in Crosby, TX will personally cook chicken sausage gumbo for 500 in a shelter there. GK 12818 was flooded but this morning was cooking ham and eggs at his parish. So many stories to share at a later time. I know more comfort grills will be popping up once some of the flooding will recede off roads and allow those not impacted to help those in need. I would say for now, please make monetary donations at TKOFC.org site to our state charities, noting Harvey, or to Supreme. I have 30 outstanding DDs (District Deputies) working with 120 councils, totaling over 23,000 brother knights in the Archdioceses of Galveston Houston. They are working with my diocesan emergency manager to identify knights affected. At some point, we will be able to get aid to those in need.”

For the Knights of Columbus Hurricane update page, visit tkofc.org/news/v/hurricane-harvey-update.

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