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Archbishop Pilarczyk receives Daniel J. Kane award

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DAYTON DEANERY — Retired Archbishop of Cincinnati Daniel E. Pilarczyk recently received the Daniel J. Kane Religious Communications Award, presented annually by the University of Dayton’s Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.

 Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk
University of Dayton president Daniel J. Curran and retired Archbishop
of Cincinnati Daniel E. Pilarczyk with the sculpture the archbishop
received. (Courtesy photo)

The award, named for the late archdiocesan communications director, Dan Kane, recognizes outstanding lifetime dedication to Gospel values using mass media.

“We recognize Archbishop Pilarczyk for his leadership within the church, his creative openness and leadership for applying a variety of media to support the mission of the church and more than 30 years of affirmation of the University of Dayton’s communications ministry, particularly through the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives,” said Mission Helper of the Sacred Heart Sister Angela Ann Zukowksi, director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.

Archbishop Pilarczyk retired in December after serving as Archbishop of Cincinnati for 27 years.

“It’s nice to have your efforts recognized, and I was grateful for the honor,” Archbishop Pilarczyk told The Catholic Telegraph. “We all are communicators, especially somebody who has a vocation to minister in the church.”

The retired archbishop said communicators shouldn’t exclude any medium in spreading their message.

“I think you use the gifts that are available,” Archbishop Pilarczyk said. “The fact that you’ve got a medium doesn’t mean that the message is going to get through. I view these media as opportunities rather than guarantees.”

Recipients of the Daniel J. Kane Religious Communications Award receive a sculpture and a donation made in their names to the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation program to cover the tuition for Asian students.

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