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Book examines 10 testaments of Jesus

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

By Eileen Connelly, OSU

ST. FRANCIS DE SALES DEANERY — There was time when professional and material success came first in Scott Campbell’s life. A 1980 graduate of McNicholas High School, he readily admits that his ongoing pursuit of wealth and status left him feeling unhappy and “empty” inside.

Campbell found true success, however, in reconnecting with his faith, specifically in the principles Jesus teaches in the New Testament. With the vision of inspiring others and bringing hope to those searching for the happiness and peace of mind that he once sought, Campbell has written The Ten Testaments: Lessons from the Greatest Teacher of All Time (WinePress Publishing, 2009).

“Moses gave us the Ten Commandments. Jesus gives us the ten testaments,” Campbell explained. The Ten Commandments guide us away from what we should not do, whereas Jesus’ 10 testaments guide us toward what we should do in order to lead better Christian lives.”

Scott Campbell (Courtesy photo)

“Many readers of the New Testament find it difficult to understand the meaning behind the parables taught by Jesus,” said Campbell, the married father of two daughters and member of St. Veronica Parish. “I wrote The Ten Testaments to help clarify and summarize Jesus’ teachings into 10, easy-to-understand principles. My hope is that readers will grow more in the Christian faith by fully understanding and practicing the lessons illustrated in The Ten Testaments.”

In the book Campbell expands on the biblical themes of love, forgiveness, humility, faith, materialism, thanksgiving, service, honesty, enthusiasm, and obedience. Each chapter is prefaced by a brief account of Jesus’ location when He taught the particular principle. Each principle is written in first person giving readers the opportunity for personal reflection on how they can follow the teachings of Jesus and apply them to their own lives.

“I had to learn these principles the hard way,” Campbell recalls. “Having a bigger car and a bigger home once seemed important. I really had to be humbled. I realized we’re only here for a short time and that following the teachings of Jesus and spending time with family is friends is much more important than material success.”

Campbell, who works as an account executive for Modern Office Methods, Inc., said he hopes readers both young and old, will “come to a better understanding of how to follow the example Christ gave us and what His will is for us.”

He envisions The Ten Testaments, which is also available as an audio book, being used in grade school and high school religion classes and retreats, as well as for adult study groups. The Catholic Campus Ministry Association has recommended the book, said Campbell, and it has already been used in Susan Haushalter’s fourth-grade classroom at St. Veronica School.

Haushalter teaches the beatitudes and Ten Commandments in her curriculum and used the chapter on love for a discussion in which the children talked about ways to practice love, live in harmony and share with one another. During Lent as they prepared for the sacrament of reconciliation, the children focused on the chapter on forgiveness, discussing how to forgive their neighbors and themselves. Haushalter is also involved in faculty retreats at St. Veronica and envisions The Ten Testaments being used as a guide for the adults.

“I feel the Holy Spirit inspired Scott to do this,” she said. “The book is written in such a way that both children and adults can pick out pieces and apply them to their lives. It reinforces a message we need to hear again and again.”

A study guide to accompany the book will soon be available, said Campbell, and he also hopes to pen other volumes featuring the testaments for couples, teenagers and so forth.

“I’m just doing this to help people,” he said. “It’s something God and I created and it has become my passion.”

The Ten Testaments is available at www.thetentestaments.com, other online sources and at several area bookstores.

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