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Boy Scouts Pilgrimage Trails in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

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pilgrimagebadgeChristians have been traveling to Holy places since the beginning of the Church and have been actively encouraged to go on Pilgrimages since the Middle Ages. The Pilgrimage participants (pilgrims) are on a spiritual journey as well as a physical journey. The Pilgrimage is a time of leaving our daily lives behind, turning to the Lord, repenting of our sins, increased prayer life and in some cases, hope for miraculous cures for ills.

The primary Pilgrimage is centered around the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Cathedral, the seat of the Archbishop, heir of the Apostles. The Bishops, in union with the Bishop of Rome (the Pope), are responsible for our spiritual welfare and have established parishes throughout their dioceses for our spiritual needs.

To find the Pilgrimage Trails, go to http://www.pilgrimageoffaith.org/trail-maps–directions.html

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