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Catholic students help Rwandan children with school tuition

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January 23, 2012

DAYTON DEANERY — Students at Holy Angels School in Dayton are helping children a world away obtain an education through the CADIE (Caring for and Assisting the Disadvantaged in Education) project.

According to Katherine Reynolds, a school staff member who serves on its Multicultural Committee, Holy Angels became involved in the project last yearafter the faculty heard a moving presentation from Emmanuel N. Rugina and Leocadie Mukaneza, who fled war torn Rwanda in 1997.


“Leocadie explained that in 2008 she had a dream where the Blessed Mother spoke to her and told her that she needed to start an organization to help the orphan children in Rwanda,” explained Reynolds. “So, in other words, she needed money…and raising money was something we could do to help. We all agreed that this was a great project for us to take on. Not only did it meet our Catholic identity goal, but it also was a way that our children could help children from another country.”


The cost to educate an elementary school student in Rwanda is $317, and high school tuition is $440 per student, Reynolds said. The initial goal is raise the funds for a full year’s tuition for three children — one in early childhood, one in elementary school and one in junior high. Holy Angels ultimately hopes to “take the hands of these children and be their friends for their entire eight years of school,” said Reynolds.


The students have collected a total of $661 to date. Fundraisers such as out-of-uniform days and candy sales are planned, and proceeds from the school’s Mission Day collection on Feb. 21 will benefit the CADIE.


There is also an educational component to Holy Angels involvement in the effort, said Reynolds. “We have posters all over the school. The Multicultural Committee is working on a ‘culture in a box’ that teachers will have access to. This box will hopefully provide children with a hands-on approach to learning about Africa with pictures, clothing, bags, toys, jewelry, etc…We also hope to be able communicate with our children in Rwanda in the near future.”


For more information about the project, visit www.cadieproject.com.

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