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Evangelization on Instagram

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Debbie Staresinic uses Instagram to market her new book on Theology of the Body meditations and the rosary, but the day posts also give her a chance to evangelize through the photo-sharing app for smart phones. The photos can also be viewed at Instagram.com. Search @TOBRosary. Courtesy photo.

Although Debbie Staresinic worked with a professional designer from Faith and Family Productions for her new book of rosary meditations, she has a background in design and photography.

That training helped her do her part to market the book with daily Instagram posts that feature artful photos of the book or of rosaries, or of  brief messages.  Staresinic uses her iPhone to take them, but occasionally features photos by her daughter-in-law Corynne Starestinic.

“There’s an amazing Catholic world on Instagram,” she said. “I know how inspiring it is to open it and see all these beautiful posts about our faith.” Her own posts add to that store with messages about Theology of the Body.

“It’s the answer to so much of what’s wrong in our modern culture,” she said. “I want it to help change the world.”

See more about Staresinic’s book, “Theology of the Body Rosary Meditations,” see “New book of rosary meditations first of its kind.” Follow Staresinic on Instagram at @TOBrosary.

Staresinic often uses pages from the TOB Rosary book, holy cards, rosaries and other devotionals, and other objects in her day Instagram posts. Courtesy photo.
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