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Gifts of the Magi campaign thanks donors

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Friday, April 10, 2009

The annual Gifts of the Magi campaign sponsored each Advent and Christmas season by The Catholic Telegraph, Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is thanking donors for their generosity is difficult financial times.

“We have been very blessed this year with donations from individuals, as well as parishes, who used their giving trees to benefit Gifts of the Magi,” said Sandy Kaiser, the community education specialist who oversees the campaign for Catholic Charities. “So far this year we collected $69,882. This fund is an integral part of the Catholic Charities mission to advance the human dignity of people in need and assisting them to live more fully and freely. We depend on the generosity of donors to enable us to provide items not typically covered by other social service programs. A few of the things that are considered are furniture, adaptive equipment, appliances, and car repairs, that will help people strengthen their ability to care for themselves, enhance their stability, and improve their quality of life and ability to contribute to the community.

“All referrals are made through churches or social service agencies throughout the archdiocese and 100 percent of the money generated goes directly to the needs of the people we serve. In these challenging economic times, we are grateful to those who assist us in this important ministry.”

For more information on the Gifts of the Magi campaign, please go to catholiccharitiesswo.org.

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