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How to live Holy Week? Here are Mother Angelica’s tips

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Mother Angelica, the foundress of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), offered advice, counsel, and prayers to viewers of her television show, “Mother Angelica Live,” for years.

In an episode that first aired 28 years ago last month, Mother Angelica offered viewers several pieces of advice related to their Holy Week preparations for Easter. Here are a few highlights from that episode, which first aired in March 1994.

A week for forgiveness

“This coming week is the week for us to forgive,” Mother Angelica said, reminding the audience that we are called to forgive our enemies, as did Christ.

“None of us have been through what Jesus went through, and yet he forgave. Can you imagine that? On Good Friday you want to go to church and just think of Our Dear Lord hanging that way for so long.”

Mother Angelica also issued a challenge to her audience.

“This week I would like you, before Good Friday, to call your favorite enemy– we all have favorite enemies. It’s the one you hate the most, the one you talk about the most, the one you wish terrible things would happen to. Call that one up and say, ‘I forgive you,’” she said.

“Now, if he answers, ‘Get lost,’ which he might, you don’t need to worry. You have forgiven him.”

Meditate on God’s love and mercy

“I don’t think it takes a lot to be holy. I think it’s easy if you know a few basic things, like ‘Jesus loves me. He loves me.’ I was 18 before I knew that. That was a lot of wasted years.”

“Another [truth] is His Mercy is infinite, without end.”


Mother Angelica emphasized prayer as a key component of Holy Week.

“We can talk a lot about things and people and everything else and we can talk a lot about our problems, but there’s nothing more powerful than prayer,” she said.

“Remember, somebody needs you somewhere. Somebody needs your prayer. Somebody needs your smile. Somebody needs your attention.”

“Forgive your worst enemy. Love your family. And have a most blessed Easter,” she concluded.

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