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La Salle High School Announces Search for its First President Under New Model

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The search for La Salle High School’s first president began on October 19th after the La Salle Board of Limited Jurisdiction announced an organizational restructure that would pursue the adoption of the President+Principal Model during the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Since its founding in 1960 by Archbishop Karl Alter, the all-male Catholic high school has operated under the traditional principal-led model. However, with the ever-changing educational environment, the new model will afford the leadership and the strategic opportunity to engage with external community stakeholders while simultaneously continuing the advancement of La Salle’s mission to prepare young men to achieve their full potential in mind, body and spirit.

Matthew Birck, Class of 1995, has been named Chair of the Search Committee. When asked about his role, he said “I am honored to have the opportunity to chair the search committee. I look forward to working alongside the various stakeholders which make up our great La Salle community to further promote and enhance the mission of La Salle High School and cement the school’s place as a forward-thinking model of Catholic and Lasallian education.” The adoption of the President+Principal Model was the culmination of several years of work and strategic coordination with the board committees, which has been further enhanced by the alignment of the current Board and leadership at La Salle.

In 2016, the Board hired the current Principal, Aaron Marshall. Mr. Marshall was selected after a comprehensive and rigorous interview process as the top candidate to fulfill the education and organizational goals for La Salle High School. As a result of this hiring and under the leadership of Principal Marshall, La Salle High School has codified its academic Master Plan, commenced a campus Master Plan in its Go Beyond campus and facilities improvement campaign, secured the financial sustainability of the organization, and grew the organization to include leadership positions dedicated and accountable to the oversight of Academics, Marketing, Human Resources, Advancement, and Event Coordination.

Further building on its financial success, La Salle High School ended the 2022 school year with its highest-ever Advancement achievement of $1.2 M in annual contributions. It is a testament to Principal Marshall’s leadership and his support of this new direction has been instrumental. “This is a tremendous opportunity for La Salle High School that will build upon the progress we have made over the last several years. I am in favor of and support this model for La Salle,” Marshall said in a meeting with faculty and staff.

The Board has outlined an ambitious timeline for the Search Committee with the goal of naming the first President in January 2023. The Board looks forward to working strategically with the faculty, staff, alumni, students, parents, and friends of La Salle High School during this process and have committed to open communications to continuously update the community as needed.

As St. John Baptist de La Salle urged his fellow brothers, everyone is called to help build up the kingdom of God. Therefore, community members are asked to discern or encourage qualified candidates to apply. Applicants for this position may access the job posting and submission information on either the La Salle High School or the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s websites by visiting www.lasallehs.net or www.catholicaoc.org, respectively.

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