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Marian Library symposium explores Year of Faith through Mary

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Press Release

DAYTON — As a contribution to the Catholic Church’s Year of Faith, the Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute will sponsor a symposium this summer to foster deeper understanding by examining the faith of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

“Our Faith and Mary: A Symposium to Celebrate the Year of Faith” is scheduled for July 30 through Aug. 1 in the University of Dayton’s Kennedy Union ballroom.

The symposium seeks to bring together theology and spirituality — the study and celebration of faith.

“On one hand, we live in a time when many people want to separate ‘spirituality’ from religion or faith or theology. On the other hand, there is some theology that becomes so dryly intellectual that it loses its connection with a lived spirituality,” said Dennis Doyle, professor of religious studies and keynote speaker of the symposium. “Spirituality needs to be informed by theology, and theology needs to be directed toward aiding believers in living out the life of faith.”

Pope Benedict XVI declared the Year of Faith, Oct. 11, 2012, through Nov. 24, 2013, as a year dedicated to the study and celebration of the Catholic faith. The year is intended to be a rediscovery of faith so members of the Catholic Church can lead others to God’s word.

Doyle said the symposium complements the Year of Faith because Mary is an exemplary model of following God’s will. “Faith is our response to God’s offer, and Mary is the best example of one who said ‘yes’ with all of her being,” he said.

Other symposium topics include: the faith of Mary in contemporary theology, Mary and faith with a Marianist tradition, taking Mary into our homes, taking Mary into the workplace and taking Mary into the world. Evening events include a rosary rally, Mary in film and a Marian concert.

“A faith that does not become culture is a faith not truly received. True faith penetrates culture and makes God come alive in daily life,” said Marianist Father Johann Roten, director of research and special projects at the Marian Library and coordinator of the symposium. “That is one of the reasons why our symposium is academic in the morning, interactive in the afternoon and experiential in the evening.”

Cost is $30 per day, $90 for the full symposium. All evening events are free. For a full schedule of events, click here. For more information, contact the library at 937-229-4214 or send an email here.

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