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Parkland Theatre - LIVE Fr. Sean Kopczynski, C.P.M.

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Parkland Theatre - LIVE Fr. Sean Kopczynski, C.P.M.7:00 pm -

Thursday, September 25, 2014, 7 p.m., Fr. Sean Kopczynski, C.P.M LIVE - Free Admission!  Fr. Sean will speak for one hour.  Where we are.  How we got here. What we need to do. Part 1.  We are in a revolutionary time of history.  Revolutions have been a part of the world since Lucifer rebelled from God and became the adversary - Satan.  In this talk we will gain a deep knowledge as to how revolutions come about by examining the chiasms that were found throughout the Sacred Scriptures...as well as the basic chiastic layout of all creation.  Come and learn what chiasms are and how they help us understand how revolutions work and why we need Christ to come and counter them throughout all time.  RSVP - Email number of seats to [email protected]  Address Is: 6550 Parkland Ave; Cincinnati, OH 45233

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