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Navigating Engagement with Peace, Joy, and Gratitude

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Preparing to marry the love of your life and enter into your vocation is an exciting time of life! Along with that excitement, however, can also come a lot of unexpected stress and preoccupation. How do we best prepare ourselves for marriage? When should we get married? What should the colors be? Why do these chairs cost so much more than the others? Will my great aunt be okay if she sits next to my grandma? 

There’s so much to consider that it can become overwhelming and make you lose sight of what’s most important: the sacrament of marriage. 

Emily Wilson, speaker, YouTuber and author, saw this need and stepped up to the challenge. She created a video series called Navigating Engagement with Peace, Joy, and Gratitude. This is a10-part video series for any woman who is engaged is meant to bring peace, joy and gratitude to the process.

When asked why she created this resource, Wilson said, “There is a lot of dating guidance. There is a tremendous amount of marriage guidance. There is very little, if any, guidance for the season of engagement… Women need pointed, honest community during engagement to walk with them through the ups and downs, the challenges and the joys.” 

Covering topics from “The Trap of Comparison” to “Bachelorette Parties” to “the Wedding Day,” this series walks with women through their season of engagement.. Accompanying each video is a worksheet with reflection questions that can also offer discussion points for a bride and her fiancé. 

Navigating Engagement with Peace, Joy, and Gratitude has already been transforming engagements. Anna Byrnes went through the video series and said, “I truly believe I have found more peace in the day-to-day, more joy along the journey, and more gratitude in the planning of our marriage. Focus on the sacrament, for the love between a groom and his bride is a beautiful reflection of Christ’s love for his Church.”

You can find Navigating Engagement with Peace, Joy, and Gratitude here. Use code AOC15 for 15% off at checkout! Valid through August 31, 2022.

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