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Ordination 2022: Meet Robert Hale

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I grew up right outside of Louisville, Kentucky and I am the oldest of four children. I was homeschooled until high school and then graduated from the local public school. Growing up I was involved with my parish and really enjoyed being able to be an altar server. Both my sisters are now married and I have one nephew, with hopefully more on the way. My other sister was just recently married and was the first marriage I was able to witness as a deacon and was very exciting. My brother and I love being able to play video games together when we get the time and sharing random video we find online.

My grandmother has been praying for me to be a priest since I was probably about five years old. I, however, did not seriously discern the priesthood until my mid-twenties. When I was the youth minister at my parish in Louisville, my pastor had asked if I had ever thought about the priesthood. It was then after saying no to the Lord for many years that I had to give the seminary a chance. I thank God that I was finally open to following His will for me!

My spiritual director, Fr. Sunberg has been a great mentor for me during my time in formation for the priesthood. He has been a wonderful example of how to be Christ to others. He has been an inspiration to me and very grateful to have him to look up to as a role model as I begin my priestly ministry.

Knowing this, I’m looking forward to a life of service for the people of God. I want to meet them where they are and help them fall more in love with Jesus Christ as we are all making our way to salvation.

My devotion to St. Thérèse has been a devotion that I have been trying to foster throughout my time in the seminary. She has had an important role in my discernment to the priesthood and I am filled with awe with her simplicity and her love for the Lord. I also enjoy whenever we can pray a litany to the saints simply asking for their intercession.

I love watching Star Wars when I get the time to do so and I have enjoyed the movies since I was kid, thinking it would be so cool to one day have a lightsaber. I also love astronomy, being able to look up and see the stars and planets humbles me. Looking up into the night sky and still not see everything that is out in space that God has created reminds me of how much He loves us!

I would just like to ask that the faithful of the archdiocese to pray for their priests, religious, and seminarians. We appreciate the prayers that we already receive, but we will never turn down more prayers! I would also like to encourage the young people to pray about the vocation God is calling them to. If a young man thinks they may have a vocation to the priesthood to talk with their priest about it. Regardless of your vocation in this life, as Pope St. John Paul II would say, “life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.”

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