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Pregnancy Center West Marks 500th Free Ultrasound Scan

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(Cincinnati, OH, June 26, 2020) – Pregnancy Center West (PCW) announced today that it has provided 500 free ultrasound scans since launching this new capability in March of 2019. Pregnancy Center West provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasound scans and urine-based STD tests at its Center in Price Hill. Each year, hundreds of women come to PCW at a time when they are concerned about an unexpected pregnancy. They need the free services provided by PCW, as well as the care and concern shown to them by PCW’s staff and volunteers.

“We’re delighted that we’re able to come alongside these women at a particular time of need,” stated Laura Yards, PCW’s Executive Director. “Over the past year, the ability to also provide an ultrasound scan has had a profound impact on the women visiting our Center. Most of the women who come to PCW believe that an abortion is the best option for them. However, witnessing the child in their womb via the ultrasound scan has a life-changing impact.”

PCW’s approach with clients is, first and foremost, to ensure they know that they are cared about, that God loves them, and God loves their unborn baby. We seek to attain life-affirming outcomes for the women that come to our Center in need. It starts with the care and love we show them and continues with the free services and resources that are provided. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to engage with these women at a time of anxiety and distress,” shared Beth Hegedus, Client Services Director at PCW. “They need to know that people care about them and have options that preserve the life of their child. We’re delighted when clients stay in contact with us during and after their pregnancy. Time and again, we have witnessed the joy of clients who made a life-affirming decision. We’re particularly delighted when they return to visit PCW with their baby, grateful that we were there for them in their time of need and have the resources to help them and their family.”

A photo tells an amazing story. Included with this update are several photos of clients and their babies. In each case, the joy of motherhood is readily apparent in the faces of these PCW clients. By walking with our clients in love and care, they are able to make choices that lead to incredible joy and satisfaction in their lives. These outcomes have been greatly accelerated through the addition of the ultrasound services at PCW. “We’re so deeply grateful to those who made possible the purchase of the ultrasound machine, and those who continue to donate to PCW to support the staff, supplies and resources required to sustain it,” added Laura Yards. “It’s changing lives for the better every day.”

About Pregnancy Center West:
Founded in 1981, Pregnancy Center West (PCW) is a Christian, pro-life ministry dedicated to helping women facing untimely pregnancies choose life for their babies, providing assistance with pregnancy and parenting-related services to help make life-giving choices easier, and encouraging lifestyles of sexual integrity in keeping with God’s plan for relationships. Located at historic Prout’s Corner (where Glenway Ave., Guerley Rd. and Cleves-Warsaw intersect), the center engages women and their families every day as they work to fulfill their life-affirming ministry. PCW is an affiliate of Heartbeat International and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates and is a member of the Greater Cincinnati Pregnancy Center Coalition.

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