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Sisters of Charity call for end to violence in Congo

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Friday, September 24, 2010

ST. LAWRENCE DEANERY — Earlier this month the Sisters of Charity issued a formal statement on the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

“We, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, commit ourselves to be informed about the human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and call on our government to do everything in its power to end the violent conflicts there through the following actions:

• Pass legislation that would help stop trade in conflict minerals that is sustaining a brutal war of unfathomable atrocities in the Congo, especially against women.

• Create conditions of security for the return of displaced peoples to their lands.

• Provide diplomatic support from the U.S. Government for MONUSCO (the UN Organization Stabilization Mission) so that it can fulfill its mandate of forestalling armed attacks against local communities and enforcing the UN arms embargo on Congo.

• Continue high-level U.S. diplomatic engagement with the African Union, European Union and the United Nations to avert wider regional armed conflict.”

The Sisters said they also “further commit ourselves to pray for the people in the Congo and for their leaders.”

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati currently live and minister in 16 U.S. states and in two foreign countries. They also sponsor institutions to address education, healthcare and social service needs, with particular concern for direct service to the poor. More than 430 Sisters are joined in their mission by 187 associates.

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