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Spiritual Centers: Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal

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Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal
3505 Calumet Rd., Ludlow Falls, 45339

Along the Stillwater River, you find the Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal. This property boasts entities that include the Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal, Elijah House, Melchizedek Village, Tabor Lodge for Priests and the River Ridge Nature Preserve. All resulted from a gift to the Church of the Transfiguration in West Milton.

“Transfiguration Parish is responsible for the preservation and the fulfillment of the will of Mrs. Kathryn Lange,” said Ron Mills, Director of the Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal. “The Church of the Transfiguration, under the pastorship of Father Eric Bowman, is probably the only parish in the country that has been given the responsibility of running a retreat center and caring for priests in their retirement. In her last will and testament, Kathryn Lange expressed her desire that her estate be used to provide housing for retired priests of the Catholic Church, that the more than 160 acres of prairies and woods be preserved in their natural state and that her home be used as a retreat center that people might enjoy the beauty and peace of this place.”

The center recently partnered with Ruah Woods Psychological Services to bring Catholic faith-informed mental health services to the northern part of the archdiocese.

We are a daytime retreat center offering space for meetings and retreats, along with grounds filled with beautiful gardens, a goldfish pond, a reflection pond, and miles of walking trails near the scenic Stillwater river. We also offer an individual or couples retreat house called the Elijah House and a Shelter for graduations, birthdays, or many other outdoor gatherings. Come out and enjoy the beauty of the Ohio countryside.

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The Center staff will offer up all prayer requests received daily in our chapel, the Chapel of Mother Thrice Admirable.

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