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Statement from the Archbishop regarding McCarrick Report

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Today the Vatican’s Secretariat of State published a complete report on the abusive activities of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, now laicized, with a focus on those who were involved and the timeline of events.

Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati responded, “I welcome the publication of the Holy See’s investigation into the matters surrounding Theodore McCarrick. While the report highlights clear mistakes and grievous failures made by members of the Church’s hierarchy many years ago, its publication today is a welcome sign of the Church’s commitment to not repeating errors of the past. This report reminds all of us of the importance of following Christ in holiness and integrity. The grave sin of sexual abuse committed by some priests and other agents of the Church has caused horrific harm to victims. Let us all join in praying for the healing of all victims of the grave sin of sexual abuse and for a greater fidelity to Christ among all the members of His Church.”

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s commitment to creating and maintaining a safe environment is absolute and will not be compromised. Please report any suspected abuse on the part of any agent of the archdiocese to the appropriate civil authorities. In addition, detailed information about reporting misconduct can be found on the archdiocese website: https://catholicaoc.org/report-misconduct. Additional information about the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s commitment to safe environments can be found here: https://catholicaoc.org/restoring-trust.

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