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Sydney McLaughlin gives ‘all the glory to God’ after smashing another world record in hurdles

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Olympic track and field gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin, who broke her own world record in the 400-meter hurdles at the World Athletics Championships on July 23 in Oregon, is using her time in the limelight to share her Christian faith.

After smashing her previous record set a month ago, she gave all credit to God in a social media post that has since gone viral with over 400,000 likes.

Her 50.68-second finish was the fourth time this year that the 22-year-old New Jersey resident broke the world record in the event.

In an Instagram post following the win, McLaughlin quoted Hebrews 4:16, which describes God’s generosity in giving his people what they need: “So let us come BOLDLY to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.”

In her Instagram caption, McLaughlin added that prayer and hard work “divinely culminated in 50.68 seconds.”

In an NBC Sports interview following her latest victory, McLaughlin was asked how she accomplished her goal. She said, “I’ll have to start off by saying all the glory to God.” She continued by saying that God gave her the strength to achieve this milestone.

McLaughlin is not Catholic, but she grew up in a devout Christian household and attended Union Catholic Regional High School in Scotch Plains, N.J. Among her biggest fans is Sister Percylee Hart, RSM, Union Catholic’s principal, who is as impressed by McLaughlin’s athletic feats, as she is with the way she uses her moment in the public eye to spread the Gospel.

Hart says she “couldn’t be more proud” of her former student, adding that McLaughlin “has stepped up to the call to be that instrument for faith on the biggest stage in the world.”

Hart told CNA on July 26: “Her spontaneity at the end of her victory when she praised God and gave all the glory to God translates to me that she is God’s instrument for being a power for good worldwide. We are all called to become all God calls us to be, and be good people, and Sydney models that, and affirms that with her messages about her faith.’’

She shares “the good news of salvation,” Hart told CNA in an interview after McLaughlin brought home two gold medals and a world record from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held last year.

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Sydney McLaughlin gives ‘all the glory to God’ after smashing another world record in hurdles