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Breaking the Habit

Many have been away from the Church for a while. Maybe it’s time to come back.

Father Casey looks how Science allows us the ability to study and understand the world around us, providing incredible advances that improve human life. But it’s not the only–or even best–way to truth.

There is a lot of great stuff to know about the Catholics Church. There is also a lot of stuff that no one really needs to know. This video is about all of that useless trivia of history.

Confession is by its very nature a secret rite. Sometimes, this leads to many misunderstandings and questions. Fr. Casey is here to clear up any questions you have.

In Today’s Video: Many people believe that we are entering extremely dark times.

How do you talk to kids about the Incarnation? How do you talk to adults for that matter? Fr. Patrick shares his favorite story of Christmas that does both.

The Catholic Church has a lot of money and real estate. Why doesn’t it sell it all and give to the poor? Check out Father Casey’s thoughts!

Father Casey: There are many people in the world that believe in “God.” And yet, there are more than a few definitions. As Christians, what do we mean when we say this?

What happens after we die? For Catholics, we believe that we will be judged and placed in either heaven or hell, but that those welcomed to heaven might have to take a stop along the way in purgatory. What do we know about this place, and did this doctrine come

Cliches are more than a strain to the ear: they can actually perpetuate really bad theology. Here are five cliches that Christians say all of the time that need to die a fiery death.