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A school should never have to experience tragedy. No one argues with that, like not disputing that parents should never have to bury their child. These statements are anchored in powerful emotions. But, of course, life isn’t always as it should be. My son’s school recently experienced a tragedy: the

The Catholic faith is a communal religion. It’s right there in the name, Catholic, which means universal. Being Catholic means having a relationship with God, the saints and our fellow believers in the pews. The Prayer Partner program at Guardian Angels Parish and School in Mt. Washington fosters this community,

Recess is a highlight for students in elementary school. During this downtime they can enjoy fresh air, socialize with friends and exercise their imaginations. Teachers monitor this escape from classwork, of course, but in schools like St. Patrick in Troy, adult volunteers join the students. At St. Patrick School, however,

Like many, when I graduated from Georgetown High School in 1994 I never imagined my life would turn out the way it has. Headed to Ohio State University, my future was full of possibilities. Unfortunately, faith was not on the top of that list, my interests then being primarily material.

When you walk into Corryville Catholic School, you’ll feel a presence in the air. It radiates from the students, faculty and staff as they talk about their community and showcase their love for the Lord. A new staff member at Corryville Catholic has helped intensify this exuberant feeling: John Ambrose

Planting a garden that attracts bees, drinking fair trade coffee and using refillable water bottles are simple ways to live and practice our Catholic faith. In his encyclical, Laudato si, Pope Francis calls all of us to take better care of our “common home,” and Laudato si high schools are

On a sunny, breezy November morning, as the leaves floated from the trees, the children at St. Bernadette School in Amelia were told they are called to be heroes. “Living good, holy lives of service is heroic,” said Father Tim Ralston at their weekly all-school Mass. The message delivered from

Before moving to Cincinnati, I worked three jobs so my four children could remain in Catholic school. “She must be crazy,” you might think – and many who dearly love us certainly thought we were. I don’t say this to paint myself as a martyr or look down my nose

True sportsmanship goes beyond the actions and play on a field or court. It encompasses respect, graciousness and support for one another. This football season the St. Antoninus (St. A) Bandit division football team and its opponents collaborated in support of one special boy: Braxtin Gruber. Braxtin dreamed of playing

Together they gave a combined 35 years of service to Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School (CJ). But Judi MacLeod and Ann Szabo were much more than their work for the school community — they exemplified Catholic faith and were pillars in the Dayton area. Szabo passed away on Sept. 15,