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Father Casey Cole OFM

A cross-country journey by two young friars was a baseball lover’s dream come true, but there was much more to it for Franciscan Fathers Casey Cole and Roberto “Tito” Serrano. These “Bleacher Brothers” hit the road in May to visit every Major League Baseball stadium in the U.S. (30 total!) …

Tour of Wonders tour with the Bleacher Brothers enjoys the home of the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals.

The Bleacher Brothers on a summer tour where baseball and evangelization meet. Today’s Video showcases Cincinnati, the St. John the Baptist Province of the Franciscans (and a review of Skyline!)

There is a lot of great stuff to know about the Catholics Church. There is also a lot of stuff that no one really needs to know. This video is about all of that useless trivia of history.

St. Augustine did not live the sort of life that you would expect from a saint and doctor of the Church. And yet, his life witnesses to the incredible power of God to convert our hearts and transform sinners into incredible disciples.

My life is full of coincidences. Major ones. What do I make of that in light of faith?

Jesus Christ may have saved us from our sins, but that doesn’t mean he’s above a little joking! Jim Gaffigan is a standup comedian who likes to imagine humorous scenarios involving faith, and these two priests find it pretty funny!

Many parents these days are taking the “wait and see” approach with religion, not having their children baptized and letting them decide when they’re older.

Many have been away from the Church for a while. Maybe it’s time to come back.

Upon Friar Review: The Two Popes is an incredibly well produced story about Pope Benedict meeting with then Cardinal Jorgeo Bergoglio. Much of the story expresses powerful truths about the Church today and a life of faith, but much of it is far from factual.