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By John Stegeman The Catholic Telegraph Deacon J. Thomas Wray, 55, will be ordained to the priesthood at 4:30 p.m. March 7 at St. Margaret of York in Mainville by Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr. Wray’s path to the Catholic priesthood has come through a circuitous route. He was ordained in

Thomas Wray
By John Stegeman The Catholic Telegraph  In 2015, a married man is slated to be ordained as a Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. J. Thomas Wray, a married father of two, is now a Catholic but he is also a former Episcopal priest. Under a special Pastoral Provision

By John Stegeman The Catholic Telegraph The Pastoral Provision, approved by Pope St. John Paul II in 1980, provides a framework wherein a former Episcopal priest may be ordained, after a time, as a Catholic priest. There are many steps in the process, and it takes several years and much