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Vatican Museum (Courtesy Photo)
For the pictorial tour of the Companions of St. James Archdiocese of Cincinnati Pilgrimage to Italy (Part 1), Click Here   The Companions of St. James from the Archdiocese continued their Pilgrimage to Italy in this Year of Mercy in Siena. The Siena Basilica was consecrated in 1215 A.D. and

By Steve Trosley The Catholic Telegraph “Seek the face of the Lord.” So declares the Episcopal motto of Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr, who led a group of 80 pilgrims through the Holy Land in Israel and Jordan on an advent spiritual journey Dec. 1-14. The pilgrims found the face of

Thursday, August 5, 2010 By David Eck ARCHDIOCESE — When Father Barry Windholtz reads of a holy site in the Gospel or speaks of a shrine in Europe, he’s probably been there. For more than a decade, Father Windholtz has been leading pilgrimages to religious sites in various parts of