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By CNA Staff Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Jan 22, 2022 / 06:26 am Missed the March for Life? Well, can you watch the whole thing in the time it takes to say three Hail Marys. As it has done in the past, the pro-life group Students for Life released a 45-second-long time-lapse

First Vespers for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, music by the Athenaeum Chorale and the Mount St. Mary’s Latin Schola. This event will include the chanting of the psalms and canticles of Evening Prayer for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the Patroness of the Seminary. The concert will

What’s the big deal with Catholics and the Virgin Mary? Do they worship her or just pray to her? What’s the Annunciation? What’s the Immaculate Conception? What’s the Assumption? All these questions and more answered in TWO Minutes!

In honor of Saint Nicholas, here’s two videos about the life of this Saint from, and the longer video entitled History of real Saint Nicholas:

What is Advent all about? How is Advent different than Christmas? Check out this 2 minute video: Advent in Two Minutes!

There is a lot of great stuff to know about the Catholics Church. There is also a lot of stuff that no one really needs to know. This video is about all of that useless trivia of history.

St. Augustine did not live the sort of life that you would expect from a saint and doctor of the Church. And yet, his life witnesses to the incredible power of God to convert our hearts and transform sinners into incredible disciples.

My life is full of coincidences. Major ones. What do I make of that in light of faith?

Fr. Mike is at the library of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, and he’s answering the most asked questions about priests and the priesthood—according to the internet. He answers great questions like: – Do priests get paid? – Do Catholic priests get married? – Do priests pay taxes? –