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The Catholic Telegraph named Magazine of the Year

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At the Catholic Media Association’s annual awards dinner in Portland, Oregon, The Catholic Telegraph received seven awards, including the 2021 Magazine of the Year among all diocesan magazines.  The Awards:

Magazine of the Year – Diocesan Magazines, 1st Place
by Jessica Rinaudo, Emma Cassani, Margaret Swensen + The Catholic Telegraph Team and Writers
Judges’ comments: Beautifully and elegantly designed, with honest, authentic and comprehensive coverage on spiritual matters. The gold standard for magazines of faith.

Best Freestanding Presentation of Online Video – Explainer, 2nd Place
Bicentennial Marian Pilgrimage by Margaret Swensen
Judges’ comments: This video includes professional camera work and inspiring visuals. The topic explanation is thorough and the call to action is clear. There are smooth transitions and visually appealing graphics.

Best Reporting on the Celebration of a Sacrament, 2nd Place
A Sense of Belonging – Addressing the Concerns of those with Special Needs in Church by Patricia McGeever
Judges’ comments: An article about how important it is for the Church to address the concerns of those with special needs. Finely focused on one such person. Good photos. Careful, simple, straight-forward writing keeps it a positive picture throughout. Good anecdote brings the story to life.

Best Freestanding Presentation of Online Video – Feature, 3rd Place
Priest Ordination by Margaret Swensen
Judges’ comments: Priest ordination is a theme which has been done a lot. But this effort is different. It is very high art and built around an array of beautiful aesthetic effects. There is a ton of chiaroscuro light and creative angles. Close-ups, overhead, profiles, anon. Great use of black and white throughout. Sharpness and clarity in the sound and good multi-layered audio techniques. The narrator gets better the longer you listen. Very effective storytelling that is also beautiful visually.

Best Multimedia Package – Seasonal Issue, Honorable Mention
The Ultimate Guide to Lent by Dominick Albano, Emma Cassani, and contributors

Best Guest Column – Honorable Mention
If We Lose Beauty, We Lose Our Spiritual Sight by Dr. Mary Catherine Levri

Best Regular Column – General Commentary, Honorable Mention
A Closer Look by Dr. Kenneth Craycraft

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