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Transitional deacons ordained at cathedral

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May 4, 2011

CATHEDRAL DEANERY — Four seminarians from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary were ordained transitional deacons by Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr during a Mass at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains April 30.


Ordination to the diaconate is the final step before priestly ordination. At diaconal ordination the candidates make their promise of celibacy for the sake of the kingdom of God and service to the church, as well as the promise of obedience and respect to their bishop. The ministry of the diaconate is fundamentally one of service. A transitional deacon is given the opportunity to serve the church is various ways as he progresses toward the priesthood.

CT photos by E.L. Hubbard


Bishop-elect Joseph Binzer leads the entrance procession into the cathedral, followed by Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr. Candidate Marc D. Soellner kneels before Archbishop Schnurr.
The candidates prostrate themselves before the archbishop.  The newly ordained transitional deacons pose with the Archbishop Schnurr.  Pictured in back are Deacon Daniel P. Hunt, Old St. Mary’s Parish, Cincinnati; and John Paul-Bevak, St. Joseph the Provider Parish, Diocese of Youngtown. In front are Matthew J. Robben, St. Joseph Parish, North Bend; and Marc D. Soellner, St. Andrew Parish, Milford.


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