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Ursuline Academy Announces Plan to Expand Its Campus

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Cincinnati, OH – October 2018: The Ursuline Academy Board of Trustees has approved an initial architectural design phase for a Master Plan to expand facilities of the school on its Blue Ash campus.

The Master Plan expansion consists of multiple phases. The design of Phase One to expand athletic facilities has begun. Phase One includes a detailed plan to build on the previously acquired five acres adjacent to the Ursuline campus, giving the school the largest footprint for educational and athletic facilities of all the area private, all-female high schools.
Ursuline’s vision for the facilities expansion includes:

Tennis Complex – the addition of this complex will make Ursuline the only all-female high school in the GGCL to have tennis facilities on campus. The complex will consist of five courts, feature ample seating for spectators, a picnic grove, and allow for improved physical education space. The complex will be built on the southwest corner of the property and enable the tennis team to host home matches.

Athletic Stadium – the stadium will be developed on the northeast edge of the campus and will seat up to 800 spectators for soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey, as well as, provide a space for general assemblies. The stadium will feature an entry rotunda with concession stand, restrooms, and plaza area.

Additional Parking – parking spaces will be positioned primarily around the athletic stadium and will increase campus-wide parking by approximately 20%.

Ursuline Academy has contracted with VSWC Architects, based in Mason, Ohio, to do the first phase design of the expansion. Phase One of the project is subject to final Board of Trustee approval, fundraising efforts, and other requirements. The projected timeline for construction on the tennis complex could begin as early as March 2019.

“The school plans to fundraise for the expansion through private donations and sponsorships, including naming rights for the complex and the stadium,” said Ursuline Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Jerry Judd.

“We’re excited about this next chapter for Ursuline Academy which will allow Ursuline to host more events on our campus that empower young women and build community. After adding a new academic wing and gymnasium a few years ago, this expansion will provide outdoor athletic facilities and amenities to continue our tradition of providing our students with the highest quality, well-rounded education,” said Ursuline Academy President Sharon Redmond.

Ursuline Academy is an independent Catholic college-preparatory school for young women in grades 9 – 12. Founded in 1896 in Cincinnati by the Ursulines of Brown County, St. Martin, Ohio, the school has been located at 5535 Pfeiffer Road, Blue Ash, Ohio since 1970.

Ursuline Academy (courtesy Photo)
Ursuline Academy (courtesy Photo)
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