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Three Theology on Tap series underway in Archdiocese of Cincinnati

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Theology on Tap
Theology on Tap series are a way for young adult Catholic to socialize and learn more about the faith in a comfortable setting. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has three active series available to attend. (CNS photo/Jason Collins, Florida Catholic)

By John Stegeman
The Catholic Telegraph 

Young adults often gather with friends among food and drinks in a social setting. Keeping with the church’s desire to meet people where they are, Theology on Tap aims to make those gatherings of a more spiritual nature.

Theology on Tap started in the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1981, and according to the organization’s website, “has proven to be a successful vehicle for reaching young adults interested in learning more about their faith.” Young adults in their 20s and 30s gather at these events to hear a selected speaker and to socialize with Catholics and others interested in learning more about the faith. Those attending are welcome, but not required, to have a beer or other adult beverage while listening to the speakers.

Theology on Tap groups are affiliated with Renew International. The archdiocese has a contract with Renew International that allows it to create additional Theology on Taps.
Each Theology on Tap group in the archdiocese is managed in a slightly different way, but all work in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. The office provides publicity and vetting forms. It also approves all speakers to ensure an authentic Catholic presentation.

“We want to make sure that our young adults are not going to get conflicting messages, but that what they hear is authentically Catholic,” Associate Director for the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry Andrea Parker said. “We have a vested interest in making sure that’s the case.”

The 19-county Archdiocese of Cincinnati includes seven Theology on Tap programs: Cincinnati, Clifton, West Chester, Dayton, Beavercreek, Sidney and Midwest-Ohio. Parker said the Cincinnati and Dayton groups started roughly 10 years ago. A few others have come and gone over the years in addition to the currently-active seven groups.

Father Kyle Schnippel, vocations director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, is the archdiocesan liaison to the Cincinnati Theology on Tap group.
“With our group I think we’ve built up a pretty good repertoire of speakers,” he said. “We try to hit the topics that are on the front burner for a lot of young adults. We’ve managed to have some success. We have between 80 and 120 who come to each one of our sessions here during the spring.”

Cincinnati’s series begins tonight (Thursday, April 11) with Dr. Matthew Buson, a leading church historian who has published a biography of Pope Francis. Dayton’s is underway already and hosts Father David Endres on tonight (Thursday, April 11) as well. The Midwest Ohio group hosted Gloria Dodd Wednesday, April 9.

Below is a list of the Theology on Taps in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and schedules for those with currently running series.

Theology on Taps in the archdiocese

Cancun Restaurant. 4747 Montgomery Road, Norwood, Ohio. 45212.
Drinks at 7, Speakers at 7:30 p.m.
Website: http://totcincinnati.org
Adoration takes place afterwards at Holy Spirit Center.
April 11 — Matthew Bunson: Are the Popes relevant?
April 18 — Mo Woltering: Fasting and Feasting, the essence of Catholic life.
April 25 — Archbishop Joseph Kurtz: Getting to know our new Pope Francis.
May 2 — Monsignor Frank Lane: Ever old, ever new.
May 9 — Meghan Berneking: Wounded by beauty.
May 16 — Ethan Moore: Veni, Sancte Spiritus

Oregon Express. 336 E. 5th Street, Dayton, Ohio.
Socializing and games at 7, Speakers at 7:30 p.m.
Website: http://totdayton.wordpress.com
April 4 — Father Ken Hummel: What celibates do for fun.
April 11 — Father David Endres: East, West, North and South: Making sense of a 21st century global church.
April 18 — Erica Schmiesing: Dynamic formation for the total consecration for the Saints of the third millennium.
April 25 — Courtney Brown: JPII Evangelization — The dignity of the human person is always in mind.
May 2 — Kevin Heider: Contemporary Catholic musician — The artist’s love.
May 9 — Marie and Matt Howe: Faith & hope through suffering.

Midwest Ohio
Al’s Restaurant. 91 S Main St, Fort Loramie, OH
Gather at 7, Speakers at 7:30 p.m.
Website: Midwest Ohio ToT Facebook Group
April 9 — Gloria Dodd: Rejoice! Living the Glorious Mysteries.
April 16 — Courtney Brown: Desiring More: Living Authentic Love, the Book of Tobit, & The Theology of the Body.
April 23 — Father Marc Soellner: You’ve Got Questions, Father’s Got Answers.

La Rosa’s Pizzeria. 2453 Esquire Drive Beavercreek. Ohio.
Sponsors one or two 4-week series in winter and/or summer
Next series begins late Fall 2013

Martino’s Restaurant. 2618 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 45219.
Website: Clifton ToT Facebook Page
Sponsors a 5-week series each Fall.
Next series begins October 2013.

West Chester
Champps Restaurant. 9424 Civic Centre Blvd.
Sponsors a 4-week series every August.
Next series begins August 2013.

The Bar Downtown.111 S. Ohio Ave. Sidney, Ohio 45365.
Website: http://www.tot-sidney.com
Sponsors a series in the spring and the fall.
Next series begins Spring 2013

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